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Quick Overview

• Size 6.3 inch
• Silver Fumed
• Weight: 175 gr / 0.38 lbs

Product Description

This 6.3 Inches long Silver Fumed Bubbler will sit well on any display shelf. Although designed to look pretty, the bubbler is also designed to be an effective smoking device to increase the smoking pleasure. The Bubbler is made from top quality borosilicate glass tube fumed with silver. The glass material used is thick hard walled to ensure that the bubbler is strong and durable.

The glass tube is fumed with silver and then blown out, while other colors are skillfully added to create the complex but beautiful color designs on this bubbler. A unique characteristic of glass works made with silver fumed glass is that they change colors based on background light. Depending on the darkness or lightness of the background light, the bubbler will reflect various colors. When using the bubbler the smoke will also make it reflect more changing colors, which all increasing the beauty of the bubbler.

To use the bubbler, the smoker has to place their mouth over the mouthpiece. This action reduces the air pressure in the smoke chamber which is just above the water level in the bulb at the base of the bubbler. This causes air to push smoke through the burning material in the bowl to the water in the base below. The smoke passes through an inner glass stem from the bowl to the bulb making a characteristic sound as it does so.

As the hot smoke bubbles through the water in the bulb it is cooled and filtered. The cool smoke then accumulates in the smoke chamber from where it can be inhaled via the mouthpiece with the mouth. The bubbler is ideal for smoking tobacco.

Customer Reviews


HAMMER BUBBLER 6.3 Inch rated 4.75 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

awesome bubbler... Review by Dugster

Carb kinda small but over all nice smoking aperatus:)

(Posted on 8/24/15)


Big piece with thick glass Review by MarkyMark

Great product - very happy with the quality and the size. I got it for it's thick glass and it came exactly as advertised.

(Posted on 4/10/15)


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