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Water Bubblers

Be ready to be seduced by our pretty color changing handcrafted bubblers. These are unique special smoking devices designed from the traditional Indian Hookah. Bubblers are made from thick walled borosilicate glass tubes that are either fumed with silver or gold. Glass fuming is a skilled art that gives the bubblers a unique characteristic color changing effect. Our gold or silver fumed glass bubblers will change color when in use and in response to background light.

Bubblers offer smokers a number of increased advantages. With a water bubbler, the smoke from the burning tobacco is bubbled through the water in the bulb and the water helps to cool down the usually hot smoke. The water also helps to filter the smoke as water soluble tar is dissolved as it passes through the water. The smoke chamber of the bubbler allows smoke to accumulate so that the smoker enjoys denser and larger quantities of smoke. With our water bubblers, you get to smoke in style and class using any of our very pretty uniquely designed bubblers. If you want truly smooth hits, in the true feeling of leisure, pleasure and style then you should opt for a bubbler.


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  1. glass pipes sidecar

    Sidecar 7 inch


    • Only available in USA
    • Coloring tube + black tube
    • Weight - 0,41 lb / 190 gr
    • Size - 7 inch
  2. inside outside water SIDECAR bubbler

    SIDECAR BUBBLER 6.2 inch


    •Size: 6 inch
    •Weight: 180 gr
    •Silver fumed

  3. Sidecar DOUBLE chamber Bubbler 4.3 Inch
    • double chamber
    • mini and portable
    • weight: 130 g
    • size: 4.3 inch
    • silver fumed more
  4. Sidecar bubbler 5.5 Inches



    If you love objects with unique artistic shapes and designs, then you would love the SideCar Fumed Silver. This 5.5 inches/ 14cm Bubbler is made for those who are not just satisfied with the conventional. Smoking pipes and bubblers were created to increase the pleasure associated with smoking.

    The SideCar Fumed Silver does all that and much more. For people who appreciate uniquely crafted smoking pipes and bubblers, the SideCar is also a collector’s item. The compact size also makes it a handy easy to carry smoking companion.


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