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Quick Overview

This bubbler is another example of a unique and creatively designed bubbler glass piece. Hand crafted with the patience and skill associated with top art standards of glass blowing, this bubbler will certainly tickle the fancy of anyone who appreciates high quality glass work. The bubbler is 5.9 inches/15cm in length and is designed to pass not just as a smoking apparatus but also as a work of art.

The bubbler is made is from very thick walled, high quality borosilicate glass tubes fumed with silver. The creation process is an elaborate and careful one. The glass tubes are first fumed with silver, then heated and then blown out. It is shaped and then special ovens are used to make it cool very slowly to ensure that it maintains its hardness. Some other colors are skillfully blended and some silver particles are dabbed on it to create the myriad of color designs that adorn the bubbler.

Product Description

The purpose of fuming the glass with silver and then adding other colors is to create a very beautiful display of colors. This 5.9 inch long glass piece of beauty will become even prettier when in use and as the background surrounding light becomes lighter or darker. Smoke and even the dirt accumulated in the bubbler will only make the bubbler reflect more colors.

The bubbler is indeed designed to please the eye, but it is still a very effective smoking device to have. The fact that it uses water offers a number of advantages. First the smoke is cooled and second, some soluble tar components get filtered out as the smokes first bubbles through the water before being inhaled. This bubbler thus assures you a safer and heightened smoking pleasure.

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