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Yes, that's right: You can get one of these free handmade glass pipes for free,  simply by blogging about our site


The best 10 posts will receive one of these 2 glasspipes completely FREE!


Free Inside out  Bubbler

glass pipe bubbler

Free  Bong 




To Participate, simply

  • write a blog or a poem about smokewire and post it on your blog, facebook page, website, ANYwhere!
  • post a simple message on your facebook wall and link to us (please send us a friend request)


Then Drop us a message with Subject: "Free giveaway contest" and send in the URL of the post you made about SmokeWire!


Dont forget to mention wich pipe you want for free: The Bubbler or the Waterpipe! Its as simple as that!

Congratulations to our contest winners!

And thanks everyone that participated! Its not to late, you can still participate in the new free giveaway!


Oktober 2011  Winners:

Joe, Los Angeles CA

Sam, Chicago IL

Javier, San Diego CA 

Penelope, Austin TX   

Cody, Charlotte NC

Hugh, Fresno CA

Lance, Freemont CA 

Noreen, Toledo OH

Tanisha, Wichita KA

Allan, Miami, FL    

June 2011  Winners:

Simone, Salt Lake City UT

Daniel, Abilene TX 

Norman, Poughkeepsie NY  

Willis, Kennewick WA     

Peggy, Herndon VA    

David, Mormon Lake AZ  

Annmarie, Lawrenceburg KY  

Danette, Saint Louis MO  

Charles, Phoenix AZ

Cecil, Bloomington, IN    

May 2011  Winners:

Keith, Washington VA

Isabelle, Wrightstown NJ    

 Gary, Madison WI  

Carmen, Hartsford CT

Sheryl, Lenexa MO

Susan, Elmhurst NY

Kelly again :)

Richard, Los Angeles CA

Matthew, Chicago IL

one item left :(


April 2011  Winners:

Heather, New York

Robert, Northfield

William, Oberlin

Kendy, Atalanta

Nice_Grirl, Boston

Peter, Delaware

Sasa, WI

Julius, New York , very nice, Thanks!

Neven, Boston

March 2011  Winners:

Tony, Houston

Marlene, Bloomfield

Evelyn, Syracuse

Kendall , Lancaster

Ray, Beaumont

Oscar, Washington

Normand, Odenton

Donna, Ohio

February 2011  Winners:

John, Corona

Daglas, San Diego

Kelly and Lisa, San Francisco

Mark, Jacksonville

Lisa, Indianapolis

Charlot, Memphis

Claudia, Baltimore

Jin, Boston

January 2011  Winners:

Marry LA

Tom Washington

Dennis CA

Sony New York

Henry New Jersey

Matilda New Jersey

Joe Pennsylvania

Michel Hawaii

Tom and Ann Philadelphia

Katrin Oklahoma

December Winners: 

Avery from California

Ethan  from Michigan

Medison from Delaware

Danny from Canada

Michael from New Jersey

Ava from Washington

Jacob from Arizona

Ryan from Conneticut

Tyler from Hawaii

Logan from Iowa


Thanks again for participating!

October Winners: 

Mark from Colorado

Thomas from Texas

Ema from

Charly from Canada

Charls from California

Joshua from California

Nick from Utah

Miky from Pennsylvania

Matt from North Carolina

Trevor from Pennsylvania

Just a notice: we had a complain from Matt that the pipe he received had a broken neck, usually it happens during shipment BUT all products are insured through Fedex, in other words we will replace any damaged item. Thank you.


Thanks again for participating!

September Winners: 

Pricilla from Washington

Chris from California

Peter from Michigan

Brandon from Canada

Sandy from Utah

Jody from California

Sandra from New York

Rob from California

Mike from Kentucky

Joshua from Michigan

All winners have been notified, and items have been shipped out to the winners!

Thanks again for participating!


August Winners:

Richard from Illinois

Robert from New York

Sasha from Nebraska

Joe from Nevada

Peter from Arizona

Jody from California

Sandra from New York

Rod from Oklahoma

Missy from Florida

and the last winner of a free bong: BluGirl - Please send in your name and address, so we can ship the free bong to you!



Aaryn Spring


by Peter Smit