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Quick Overview

This Silver Fumed Bubbler is a clear statement of style, creativity and good taste. The bubbler is skillfully handcrafted and designed to meet the desires of any glass artwork collector. With a flat base and at a height of 6.3 inches / 16cm, this bubbler will sit proudly on any display shelf. With dashes of blue, red and other colors this bubbler was designed to attract comments, please the eye and increase the pleasure of your smoking experience.

The Silver Fumed bubbler is made from high quality, thick borosilicate glass tube fumed with silver. The glass is blown out, shaped and designs as other colors are added create the pretty color designs. Since the glass is fumed with silver the bubbler will change and reflect various colors as it is used and based on the surrounding background light.

Product Description

This bubbler is far from just a pretty object of art. It is designed specifically to increase your smoking experience by providing you more methods and ways to smoke tobacco. The use of water and the presence of the smoking chamber allow you to inhale cooler, healthier and denser smoke. The carb, which is the hole by the side of the bubbler, provides the smoker with greater control over the density and quantity of smoke inhaled.

When the smoker inhales with the mouth via the mouthpiece, a finger should be placed to cover the carb hole. This allows the smoke chamber to fill up with smoke drawn from the burning material and bubbled through the water. As the smoker inhales, they can decide to remove the finger on the carb allowing fresh air to come it. The fresh air will increase the pressure of the smoke flowing to the smoker’s lungs.

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