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Hand Pipes

Here you will find glass hand pipes for both the novice as well as experianced user. What we especially want to point out, is the variety of pipes and bongs we have available in our store below. Many different items reflect the distinct tastes for periods, designs and artistic inspirations you can choose from. It does not matter if you prefer grandiosity and complexity of some fascinating glass masterpiece, or your taste asks for simplicity, you will be able to chose well among these beautiful items. If you want to know if we have the color changing pipes, the answer is: yes! And if you choose one of those outstanding beauties, you will see they indeed work as promised. This kind of pipes are made with addition of small quantities of gold or silver during the glass blowing. Whenever you use your color changing pipe, it will heat itself and become covered with resin. This will induce parts of the pipe which are fumed with precious metals, to change their color. This interesting effect of color change, will depend only on how many times did you use your pipe. Keep in mind that your pipe will get its original color after you clean it. A good pipe or bong is always more than a smoking apparatus. It is a thing of beauty, made for enjoyment of every sense. Beautiful shapes of our glass pipes will please your eyes, as much as they will please you with their function. Please make no mistake: a true lover of pipes and bongs, will have a difficult task when it comes to choosing the right one. Do you prefer a thick and heavy glass pipe or one of ethereal appearance which almost floats around like a dream? Or do you like more the long, artistically colored pipe? The decision is all yours, but rest assured: our pipes are made as unique masterpieces with every single one of them having special qualities, which can be truly uncovered only when used for the first time. So please take your time, and enjoy yourself while you choose the pipe, sherlock pipe or bowl which will give you the highest possible pleasure. Our pipes, bongs and spoon pipes are made mostly by hand, by independent glass blowing artists.

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  1. animal
    • Easy to clean
    • Special design
    • Dragon shape
    • Weight 130 gr / 0,28 lbs
    • Size 6,70 inch more
  2. Handblown glass pipe sherlock available for 30 usd only

    Blue sherlock pipe


    •Weight: 55 gr
    •Color: blue
    •Discreet shipping more


    • 3-3/4" long

    • 1-1/2" wide

    • Poker

    • Adjustment tool

    • Case included

    • Black and silver satin with chrome trim

  4. glass pipe ram

    Ram 5.9 inch


    • Animal glass pipe - Ram shape
    • Weight 75 gr / 0.16 lbs
    • Size 5.9 inch
    • SKU:01AP-AN57 more
  5. rasta sherlock glass pipe 4 inch in size, shipping from USA

    Rasta sherlock 4 inch


    • Size: 4 inch
    • Weight: 85 gr
    • Color: rasta
    • Discreet shipping more

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