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Quick Overview

• Weight: 180 gr
• Gold Fumed
• Size: 8.3 inch

Product Description

The Gold Fumed Bubbler is not just a smoking device but a work of art. Specially handcrafted, this bubbler is made from fine quality borosilicate glass tube fumed with gold. The intricate fabrication process that each of this bubbler undergoes, includes fuming the glass constituents with pure gold and skillfully adding other colors, resulting in a truly effective and yet beautiful smoking device.

The Bubbler stands at 8.3 inches/ 21cm in height making it quite handy and easy to carry around. The base is flattened so that the Bubbler can stand on its own.
A bubbler is a smoking device that combines the features of a smoking pipe and the traditional Indian Hookah. The Gold Fumed Bubbler, like most bubblers comes with a base for adding water. A glass stem goes all the way down into the bulb containing water, and produces a particular sound just like the Indian Hookah when smoking. The Bubbler is ergonomically designed to increase your smoking pleasure whether you are smoking tobacco. The water in the Bubbler bulb cools and filters the smoke before it enters your lungs. This makes for a richer and healthier smoke.

The Gold Fumed Bubbler has a bulb base for collecting water, a chamber which collects smoke, a bowl where the tobacco is ignited and a mouthpiece to inhale the smoke. The Bubbler is not mass produced, but is a product of creativity and professional hand craftsmanship skill. The Bubbler is sturdy and comes with inside colored and transparent glass pieces making it a true collector’s art delight. The Bubbler will make an exquisite addition to your collection of smoking bongs and bubblers. Apart from maximizing your smoking experience, you will certainly gain the admiration of your friends and smoking buddies with a Bubbler.

Customer Reviews


WATER BUBBLER 8.3 Inch rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews

Holy crap! Review by Jawnin

No doubt the best bubbler on this site! A must buy for any hard smoker!

(Posted on 1/6/11)


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