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Quick Overview

• Weight: 175 gr
• Size: 6.3 inch
• Very durable and tick glass
• Color changing
• Silver fumed

Imagine owning this artistically designed Silver Fumed Bubbler with its unique shape and myriad of color designs. Here is a piece that is sure to attract comments from all who see it. The bubbler seems to reflect spirals of color designs, ranging from deep blue, light blue, yellow and lots more. The color designs you see on this 6.3 Inches / 16cm long bubbler is however not all the color display you will get with this bubbler.

Product Description

The bubbler is made from high quality borosilicate glass tube that was fumed with silver. Fuming the glass tube with silver before blowing it out, and skilfully adding and creating other color designs makes this bubbler a work of art. The bubbler will reflect and display various colors as it is expoused to various shades of backgrounds. Depending on the darkness or brightness of the background the bubbler will display more yellow or blueish colors.

When the bubbler is in use, the smoke inside of it will make the bubbler reflect more colors and even the accumulated dirt inside the bubbler adds to the color changing effect. Cleaning the bubbler sends it back to it original virgin color state. This silver bubbler is quite easy to handle with one hand and is designed to be durable and safe.

To use, simply pour water into the bulb at the bottom via the bowl. Dry out the bowl and then put in your smoking material. This Silver Fumed Bubbler is ideal for use with tobacco. Ignite the material, while inhaling with your mouth from the mouthpiece. When the bubbler is lit up, you close the carb hole on side with your finger and inhale with your mouth. If you want to increase you smoking pleasure while not compromising on beauty and style, this is the bubbler for you.

Customer Reviews


HAMMER BUBBLER 6.3 Inch rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 5 reviews

Hammer Bubbler Review by Jaybird

I'm very happy with this bubbler. Excellent glasswork, thick glass, it looks awesome. It is tricky to clean especially under the bowl going into the chamber, but Im still giving it 5 stars!

(Posted on 6/2/15)


5 Stars Review by Holli

5 stars, it looks like.

(Posted on 7/20/14)


Great Bubbler... Review by Dug420

I have been using this for a few weeks now and love it... bowl size is fine unless you have a large crowd. Easy to fill/empty via the carb.

(Posted on 5/24/11)


really good bubbler Review by blacktim

just keep it clean and it will rip

(Posted on 3/8/11)


its good Review by deisel147

really good bub, bowl is way too small tho, and its so hard to clean so dont let anyone borrow it cause they might smoke brown dirt in it and not change the water for weeks and then the bowl is ruined so you should just crack the stem and make them pay for it.

(Posted on 3/8/11)


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