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Quick Overview

• Gold Fumed
• Weight: 150 gr / 0.33 lbs
• Size: 6.5 inch

Product Description

We are proud to present this 6.5 Inches / -16cm length Gold Fumed Hammer, which is a pride of our top craftsmanship. Based on the hammer bubbler designs, the outward and inner designs are a product of patient and skilled craft. The bubbler is carefully blown out from hard walled, top quality borosilicate glass tube. The bubbler undergoes a series of manufacturing steps to create the exceptional piece that you see here.

First the quality of glass used is top notch borosilicate glass tube, to ensure that the final product is sturdy, durable and safe. The glass is first fumed with gold, and then blown while some other colors are skillfully added to create the pretty color designs you see. Even the cooling process of the blow and shaped glass bubbler is very important because cooling it too quickly will make the bubbler too brittle. The Gold Fumed bubbler is slowly cooled using specially designed ovens that will not compromise the strength, beauty and durability.

Blowing out the gold fumed glass properly is very important, but so also is shaping the hammer bubbler right. This hammer bubbler was specially designed to be more that just a smoking apparatus but a true collector’s piece. It comes equipped with all the traditional components that make the bubbler one of the best smoker’s companions around.

The bubbler provides unique methods to enjoy smoking tobacco the way other smoking devices do not allow. The presence of water to cool and filter the smoke, allows the smoker to enjoy cool and relatively safer smoke. The smoke chamber also allows the smoker to enjoy denser and larger quantities of smoke. Your smoking collections will never be complete without this pretty functional bubbler piece.

Customer Reviews


LARGE HAMMER BUBBLER rated 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

Worth every penny Review by anonymous

Undoubtedly, for someone who intends to stay within their budget this thing is a dream come true. The product I received didn't quite resemble what was in the picture in terms of color; that said, this thing is still a huge chunk of glass and it hits nice and smooth.

(Posted on 9/16/11)


Very hi end glass Review by Zippy

This hammer pipe is truly awesome this is the highest quality glass I have ever seen it looks like Cristal. It out shines every glass piece I have. The thickness is crazy gota be like 5mm at least. You DO need a glass jack for this since it is a European bowl, its a little shallow but I cant complain. You can take huge hits off this hammer or nice small ones but they are all luxury hits, And this pipe changes beautiful colors with use! When u buy this your glass bongs will get dusty.

(Posted on 2/14/11)


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