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Quick Overview

Just one look at this magnificent bubbler will certainly make you fall in love with it. Check out it's design; all 6.7 inches long of it. The shape and curves of the bubbler, as well as the multiple color designs that adorn both the inside and outside of this silver fumed bubbler makes it a unique top quality art work.

This silver fumed 6.7 Inches/ 17 cm bubbler is made from hard quality borosilicate glass tube fumed with silver. The quality and hardness of the glass tube used ensures that it is safe and durable, as the bubbler will not easily break unless it is hit very hard. You can also be sure that the glass will not chip off to contaminate the tobacco smoked. This bubbler is handcrafted to be an art piece that will guarantee a safe and pleasurable smoking experience.

Product Description

Silver fumed bubblers are created using special skills to create a very pretty color changing effect. As pretty as this bubbler is with its multiple complementing color designs, the beauty will be enhanced as the bubbler is being used. The smoke and accumulating dirt in the inside of the bubbler will make it reflect more changing colors.

When using the bubbler, be sure not to add too much so that you don’t clog the bubbler. When you draw air via the mouthpiece, smoke is sucked from the burning tobacco in the bowl, bubbled through the water in the bulb below and then inhaled via the mouthpiece. The water helps cool and filter the smoke, giving you a pleasurable and safer smoking experience.

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