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  • vaporizer pipe
  • vaporizer pipe
  • vaporizer pipe


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Quick Overview

• Traditional Pipe shape
• Made of non toxic ceramic material
• Highly durable
• High quality porous ceramic filter
• Easy to use
• Striking black wooden casing
• Smooth and sleek design
• Works with a common cigarette lighter
• Truly portable
• Artistic design
• Fast and discrete shipping

Product Description

Although there is a wide choice in vaporizers available at our site, we can’t help but include this all time favorite sleek and smooth hand-held marvel.

With strong demand from our beloved users for a vaporizer with traditional pipe shape, we present the all new Vaporizer Pipe VP-111.
The most attractive feature of this model is that soothing effect on your soul with its conventional design!

Coming to the more intricate details, the Vaporizer Pipe is designed in such a way that is it very simple to use, highly durable and very portable. The vaporizer pipe easily fits into your pocket. Carry it along with you as a perfect smoke buddy, wherever you go!

The specialty of the VP-111 is its unique concept that lets you enjoy the flavor of your favorite herb without applying direct flame on it.
The whole performance of this trendy pipe can be attributed to the small specially crafted porous ceramic filter that is fit right into the pipe. This filter forms a protective layer between the flame and your herb inside the pipe.

This is how it works: Your herb comfortably sits in the bulgy part of the pipe (ensure that it’s not tightly packed), and then gently attach your flame filter onto the pipe by rotating it in the slot provided. Now apply your flame on the flame filter in a gentle semi-circular motion as you begin to take steady puffs from the pipe. That’s it! It is as easy as it sounds!

The filter in the pipe helps combine the heat from the flame as well as the cool air from outside to give you that optimum temperature to savor the taste of the herb. You can be in complete control of the operating temperature by adjusting your flame and puffs accordingly. The high quality porous ceramic filter is capable of withstanding temperatures of 225-375 degrees.

The pipe is made of non-toxic ceramic material that lasts for years. It is well encapsulated with a shiny black wooden casing, artistically designed to give you the sheer pleasure of just holding it.

Designed to be truly portable, unbreakable, strikingly beautiful and a wonderful work of art, the Vaporizer pipe is just one of a kind!

Customer Reviews


VAPORIZER PIPE rated 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

great little thing to have Review by Vapslob

smell is minimal, very efficient if used properly, wish i could find some replacement parts for it when the filter goes bad but the price is so low it hardly matters. great little thing to have

(Posted on 6/27/11)


Don't get it too hot Review by toke 1

use your flame in a circular motion around inside edge of the bowl, don't put flame directly on the stone in center it'll get to hot and defeat the purpose. You only need to get around 275 degrees to Vape. Used properly this is a GREAT little go anywhere Vaporizer !!

(Posted on 6/2/11)


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