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Honeycomb 18 inchHoneycomb 18 inch

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  • Honeycomb smokewire water bong 18 inch in size  19 inch joint - black tubed upper part
  • Honeycomb smokewire water bong 18 inch in size  19 inch joint - down tube details
  • Honeycomb smokewire water bong 18 inch in size  19 inch joint - product shoot
  • Honeycomb smokewire water bong 18 inch in size  19 inch joint - honey comb details
  • Honeycomb smokewire water bong 18 inch in size  19 inch joint - white background image
  • Honeycomb wee pipe

Honeycomb 18 inch

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Quick Overview

• Size: 18 inch
• Tube diameter: 2 inch
• Glass thickness: 5 mm
• Honeycomb
• Available in black
• FREE shipping (Ground)
• Discrete and fast shipping

Product Description

New water pipe design, mouthpiece and stand black tubed.

Customer Reviews


Honeycomb 18 inch rated 4.65 out of 5 based on 4 reviews

The ultimate party piece Review by kushman

My friend has a bong just like this and I liked it so much I just bought one myself. It was the most I have spent on a smoking accessory so far, but my buddies and I are using it every time we get together and everyone loves it. The hit it huge, you will be lucky to be able to take all of it and not cough! Brilliant bong and I highly recommend it. I had been looking at large bongs for a while and comparing prices and size, and for what is out there, this is a really good deal for a nice, sleek looking bong.

(Posted on 9/3/13)


Excellent Product Review by Bees'knees

Excellent product, good feeling glass all around, I do the 'pressure' test with my glass just squeeze down on the glass with my thumb and index finger and it all feels solid, including the stem so no weak points on this bad beast, clears extremely smooth haven't tried the ash catcher yet. However here are a few words of caution... I overlooked that the top half of this bong is BLACK luckily it looks amazing.. as the other reviewer here said you'll need the 14 to 19mm adapter to use the free gift: Ashcatcher... I bought the adapter but forgot to ALSO buy a 19mm bowl so kind of screwed myself over as the bowl it comes with is 14mm and it APPEARS that the ashcatcher fits a 19mm bowl.. I will also review the ashcatcher it is extremely solid glass, has a good weight to it looks cool.. Doesn't have the Roor label in case your wondering wasn't expecting one it just kind of looked like it might since the picture it was taken with was a roor bong.
This thing is sexy, I cannot say that enough it has a very smooth look to it, the black compliments the glass, especially when the bowl itself begins to black from usage, the black pull stem jetting out of it will make it look more natural to the glass rather than caked on black residue from heavy use( very nice touch I thought)
It hits like Thors hammer what more can I say good purchase! Very happy with it

(Posted on 1/26/13)


Awesome Review by Marty

I just got my piece today and it's pretty badass. I agree somewhat with this guy up here, the ashcatcher that they give you doesn't fit the bong at all, however, it's free and I can use it on my other pieces(luckily I have my own badass one that fits on it) so it's still cool and mine didn't get damaged in the shipping or anything, looks clean. The bong is nice and sturdy, really like the mouthpiece. The honeycomb perc works amazing, so many bubbles and you can put a good amount of ice. And yes, there is a splash guard so fuck yea on that. Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase, smokeshop near my house was trying to sell one for 425+tax, ridiculous, this one was cheaper and I got something free, can't beat it. I'd recommend to everybody if you want to add something interesting to your collection. Thanks smokewire.

(Posted on 7/24/12)


Quality bong with a few faults Review by Taylor

The ash catcher that comes with the bong doesn't fit the 14mm joint which I don't understand. I can't buy an adapter because of the minimum $ requirement for this website. The tip of the stemless down stem was chipped/sanded from who knows what (probably through shipping) and the black base of the bong is slightly smaller than I had anticipated. Other than that the bong hits fine and theres do chug. Smooth hits especially with ice. It doesn't mention anything about its splash guard. Indeed it does have a splash guard (I got excited). Its pretty lightweight with nice thick glass. Its my new concentrate/travel bong. The bong was not in stock when I bought it so I had to wait an extra 2 weeks to receive the bong which was also a downside. I rate this bong 4 out of 5.

(Posted on 6/23/12)


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