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This Silver Fumed Bubbler is indeed more than just a smoking device but is clearly also a work of art. Standing at a portable height of 3.9 inches/ 9 cm only, it is handy to use with one hand or carry in your pocket. Made from hard quality borosilicate glass tube fumed with silver, this bubbler is colorful, beautiful, safe and durable.

The silver used to fume the bubbler glass creates a beautiful color changing effect. The bubbler’s colors changes constantly based on the background light. The intricate unique design and shape of the bubbler makes it stand out as not just a smoking companion but also as an art collector’s piece.

Product Description

This small sherlock bubbler is designed to be easy to use and operate. Well crafted to be hard and durable you have no need to worry about durability. When blown glass is heated too fast it tends to make the final glass product too brittle. This Silver Fumed bubbler was hand crafted by skilled professional craftsmen. Special designed heaters where used to slowly cool the bubblers so that the final product is a strong durable product that will not break easily or contaminate the smoked material in any way.

The bubbler is designed to be easy to handle with one hand. You need to light the material in the bowl and inhale with your mouth via the mouth piece to draw the smoke into the water. The water cools and filters the smoke, which then flows to the mouth piece through the smoke chamber. With the Silver Fumed bubbler you can enjoy heightened healthy and safe smoking experience.

Customer Reviews


SHERLOCK BUBBLER 3.9 Inch rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews

Incredible Review by rastaclanmasta

I was not expecting such a small tool to fuck me up as hard as it did. 5 out of 5 definately one of the nicest pieces ive hit

(Posted on 4/13/11)


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