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Quick Overview

• double chamber
• mini and portable
• weight: 110 g
• size: 5.1 inch

Product Description

This small double bubbler makes use of a double chamber that offers a number of advantages that may not be gotten from regular bubblers. The bubbler is crafted to contain more water, which helps to properly filter and cool the smoke from the burning tobacco. The larger quantity of water also makes the bubbler heat up slowly. Bubblers containing lesser amounts of water usually warm up faster.

This 5.1 inches/11cm bubbler is pretty to behold, easy to handle and small enough to slip into a small bag or carry around. If you desire a smoother and safer hit when smoking or you just fancy a pretty and unique bubbler, this Silver Fumed Double Bubbler is exactly what you need. The bubbler is hand crafted from top quality, very thick borosilicate glass tube fumed with silver.

To use the bubbler, you need to pour some water into the bulb at the base of this bubbler head. The water is added via the bowl. After adding water, you dry out the bowl and then add some tobacco into the bowl and ignite it. The bubbler is designed to be easily held and handled. Inhaling from the mouthpiece, forces smoke to bubble through the water, where it is cooled and filtered. A double bubbler assures you extra smooth drags and hit that you may assume you are not getting any smoke at all.

The double bubbler is fumed with silver and colorfully designed to create a true art work that will certainly win the admiration of all your friends. This silver fumed double bubbler truly affords you an opportunity to enjoy smoking tobacco in style and class.

by Peter Smit

Customer Reviews


DOUBLE BUBBLER 5.1 Inch rated 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

Best Value Review by mkipp

This bubbler smokes incredibly smooth, and is made with solid glass.

(Posted on 6/13/13)


Fantastic value and beautiful piece! Review by Remaining Anonymous

The size is absolutely perfect, use and cleaning is easy, and in having done some price comparison shopping, the value is awesome.

(Posted on 11/30/12)


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