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Vapor Genie

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Quick Overview

Here is what you get with Vapor Genie:

Vapor Genie is fully portable and you need only a lighter to use it.

Vapor Genie is small and will fit easily in your packet.

Vapor Genie is not another electronic gadget. It's easy to use and will work everywhere.

Vapor Genie is a top quality product, you buy it and use it. Everything just works.

Vapor Genie pipe is a once only investment. Buy it once and enjoy your pipe for many years.

Product Description

The Vapor Genie is something rather new and so much better than what we saw in a long time. Besides being inherently safer it is at the same time more pleasurable than your ordinary combustion based pipe. How does it work? When you start using your Vapor Genie, it will slowly vaporize your tobacco or your herbal mix. So instead of burning your herbs it will just vaporize them, thus strongly reducing the tar and other harmful substances entering your body.

Vapor Genie will instead of a quick burn, slowly bring up the heat of your herbal mixture or your tobacco. This way, there will be much less toxin filled smoke which can be potentially harmful to your health. Instead, you will get to enjoy in pleasant smell of your preferred herbal vapor. Coughing or throat related issues will become a thing of past with Vapor Genie. All you will experience is what you always sought for: a pleasant taste of interesting, herbal flavors.

How does Vapor Genie work?

The pipe body is made out of high quality wood which is slowly carved and sanded into a smooth shape. It is protected with a natural layer of a food rated varnish which highlights the interesting natural patterns of the wood grain. No glues, chemicals or any toxic compounds are used during the manufacturing of a Vapor Genie vaporizing pipe. Vapor Genie is a locally made, USA based product. Almost 85% pipe is made in USA.

The most important part of the Vapor Genie vaporizing pipe is the ceramic filter. The filter in Vapor Genie is made only out of high quality silicon carbide, which is the most resistant form of ceramics known today. This filter doesn't contain any metals, so foreign substances wont contaminate your herbal or tobacco vapor. This ceramic filter from silicon carbide is so good, you wont need to replace it ever again.

Metal parts of your Vapor Genie vaporizing pipe are made only of high quality stainless steel or chrome plated. Vapor Genie is delivered with a stainless steel screen and steel bowl from the same material.

Customer Reviews


Vapor Genie rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews

My two cents! Review by BigSwifty

I have had my vapor genie for about 3 years. I bought it as an alternative to electric vaporiziers. It does everything it needs to do, and it does it right, There is a learning curve to get the max benefit from the utensil but you can;t go wrong

(Posted on 1/21/13)


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