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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get rid of the nasty and irritating effects of smoke, yet not compromising on the taste? Do you like your weekend hangout with friends be just exhilarating till the very end, and hate cleaning up the place late night?


The state-of the art digital vaporizers are here to offer a hygienic and hassle free operation on herbal aromatherapy without any smoke, or the taste of it.


Vaporization is also a healthy alternate to burning (smoking), protecting your lungs from harmful carcinogenic Smoke. Our digital vaporizers lets you stay clear of all these side effects and lets you savor the natural flavor of the herbs instead.


Our wide range of digital vaporizers offers highly user-friendly and trendy choice for our herbal enthusiasts.

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  1. hot box vaporizer in all colors and custom prints



    Hot box vaporizer. more
  2. VP600



    • Precise DIGITAL temperature control (shows current and set temperature)

    • Shows Celsius and Fahrenheit

    • Very quick heating time ( min. 5+ )

    • Automatic switch off

    • Includes five fuses for your convenience

    • Endurable case - made from pure metal

    • Heavy cooling fan for temperature control

    • Capable of temperatures of up to 298 degrees Celsius!!!

    • Includes a convenient hands free glass whip

    • LED Diode Indicator light tells you when the unit is on

    • Includes 90-day WARANTY!!!

    • Discrete shipping (FedEx) from our warehouse CA USA, no reference to smokewire whatsoever


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